Gift Basket For A Mama

A friend of mine just had her third baby.  I think when we have our first child we are lavished with gift upon gift upon gift.  Usually, by the time the third child arrives, you don't need a whole lot of new "baby stuff", but it is still nice to get a little gift.  (At least I love receiving gifts...I'm sure I'm not the only one, right??)

So I decided to make up a little gift basket for her and her family.  Here are my ideas of what you can give a friend who is a new mom...again.  First of all, making a meal for someone is Always welcomed!  But a gift certificate to a great restaurant is a good idea, too.

Next, make a delicious dessert.  I made these pioneer woman brownies.  They are a favorite of the mama I gave them to.

Add a little something special other than food.  Comfy socks and a good book will do the trick.

And finally, a little something for baby.  And for older brother and sister, too.  A taggie blanket, a child-sized infinity scarf (make one or buy from etsy) and a cute T (tshirt tutorial coming next week!).

Throw a gift basket together.  It doesn't take a lot of time and it will bring a smile to the new (or new-ish) mama in your life.


  1. Wow - this is so amazing, Rachel! It almost makes me want to have another little just so I can get the gift basket. ;) Love you!!

  2. Wow, Rachel! This is so amazing! It almost makes me want to have a 4th little just to get a basket. ;) j/k! but it is totally awesome! Love you!

    1. thanks Steph! I'll have a 4th if you do! ;D


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