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Lisa is a mama who likes routine, yet has a wide variety of talents and interests that help her think outside of the box.  She has a CPA business out of her own home doing income taxes in the winter so she likes all things numbers and logical, yet she also loves doing crafts and fun things around the house, teaching, playing with her kids and spending time with her husband.  Her husband usually gets roped into helping with a project before it is complete and has been known to refer to pinterest as the worst thing ever more than once.

She home schools her 4 year old little girl and also has a 2 year old energetic little boy. You will normally find her budgeting, organizing, sewing, cooking, reading or working on various craft projects. As much as she loves crafting, once she is satisfied with the design and layout of a room, the routine side in her comes out and it stays that way for some time as she is not one to switch things up very often. She loves to switch gears after a project is complete to other interests in her life whether it be organizing or planning ahead for upcoming school lessons.

She also has a love for chocolate, garage sales, pinterest, Netflix and her planner (she compulsively still keeps her schedule physically written down). Most evenings you will find her spending time with her family and after the kids are in bed watching favorite TV shows with her hubby.



Amy is a wife and mama who loves muffins and coffee early in the morning. She can typically be found asking her husband to assist her in working on one of her projects.

She home schools her 5 year old little girl and has a newborn boy.  She loves all things crafty and enjoys spending her time creating all sorts of things.   She loves crochet and sewing and is on a mission to make her house a home.  Her style is modern, cozy casual and a little contemporary (think Anthropologie style)

Amy spends way too much time on Pinterest and watching her favorite shows on Hulu.  You can follow her at her other blog Bee In A Barn.



Rachel is the mama of two superhero loving boys, one princess/star wars/fairy/Lego loving little girl and the wife of an extremely patient husband (he isn't even phased anymore when he comes home from work and a room is a totally different color).

She loves: a good before and after, turning something old into something beautiful, auctions but not garage sales, sewing but not ironing, candy but only the chocolate kind, tea but not really coffee (although she gave it her best shot).

If she isn't painting, sewing or blogging, there is a 99.9% chance you'll find her curled up on the couch reading a book or watching a movie with her family. If you'd like to know more about Rachel, you can read her ramblings over at The Blue Tulip.



Bekah loves all things coffee related and is slightly addicted to the Cinnamon Dulce Latte from Starbucks.  She is a mother to three rambuncious, energetic, smart, energetic, funny, (did we mention energetic) boys.

She enjoys crafts with the kiddos, photographs, playing games of all types be it cards or board games, reading books (but only the children variety), being outdoors and shopping (but not for groceries).  She also enjoys deciding the next color scheme for a room but has trouble committing when it comes to actually planning it.

Most evenings you will find her cuddled up to her husband watching their favorite tv shows.  She depends on her tech savvy, patient husband to save the day when it comes to anything computer/phone related.  It is his goal in life to turn her to the "geek" side one super hero movie at a time.


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