Under One Hour: Handmade Gifting and Decorating

Christmas time is officially here.  In case you didn't know.

I love crafting and I love giving handmade gifts.  But sometimes the time pressure to make something instead of running to walmart and buying something can overwhelm me.  It might have something to do with me being a huge procrastinator.  So when I come across a tutorial on the world wide web that can be completed under an hour, I am a happy girl. 

Gift Giving
Do you need a gift for someone this weekend?  Consider one of these three options.  Pop in a Christmas movie, relax and make that special handmade item.

1.  The purple infinity scarf was made in about 45 minutes by following a youtube video.  It was done with a method called arm knitting.  I know it sounds weird.  But try it, it is addictive!

2.  These coffee cozies were made in about an hour.  If you're just making one, it will take you no time at all.  I followed this youtube video.

3.  The grey and white infinity scarf was made in an hour by following this youtube video.  I made it with a method called finger knitting.  Just as easy as arm knitting and equally as fun!

My kids love to help with Christmas decorating.  I like to keep it simple and when the kids see their work up on the walls it makes them joyful AND triumphant (name that Christmas movie).  So after you get your scarf done and while the Christmas movie is still on, you can let your kids tackle a few of these easy decor options.

 1.  Paper Snowflakes.  I've done these every year since I can remember.  I'm sure you've made them, too.  This year I hung them on my windows with green glittery washi tape.  Super festive.

2.  Advanced Paper Snowflakes.  They are Very easy, but Super impressive.  I followed this tutorial.

3.  I added knitted garland to the stairs.  I used the finger knitting tutorial with a very thin yarn and am loving how it turned out.

4.  Print off letters in a fun font.  Cut them out and hot glue them to a ribbon to make a Merry Christmas bunting.

5.  Paper chains.  paper chains.  paper chains.  We make them in abundance.  One kid cuts while another kid staples.  It is one of our Christmas traditions to hang them up as a family.  This year we hung them up to look like a star.  

What are your go-to handmade gifts?  Do you like to craft your Christmas decorations?  Do you sometimes feel like you have no time?

I was having a stressful day and I pulled out the crayons and markers and sent my children to town on some Christmas cards I bought recently (shown in the first picture).  If all else fails, grab some Christmas coloring pages and let your kids color and you can send them as cards to those you love.  You can sit back and sip your tea and Relax.  That's really what all mamas want anyway, right?  5 minutes to just sit back and relax.  

I am wishing you a relaxing last week before Christmas.

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