Quick Tip Monday!

Today's quick tip:  Color code your children's cups. 

I started this a few years ago and never again do I have to hear one of my kids ask, "Which cup is mine?"  This trick not only has cut down the number of fights they have over "whose is whose", but it also has cut down on the number of dishes to clean at the end of the day.  Win-Win!

Of course, beware.  I've found myself color coding other items:  toothbrushes, backpacks, activities on the calendar.  Who knew life could be so organized?  :)


  1. We also color code our cups (and many other items). I like to put one of each color in a stack and in the morning all I have to do is grab a stack and pour. Thanks for sharing your tip. :)


    1. great tip to keep one of each in a stack! I'm going to start doing that!


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