Winter Blues

About the time February rolls around, I am completely over winter.  I am living in fuzzy socks and a bathrobe, because no amount of layers warms me up.  I am tired of all the pretty white snow I thought we needed back at Christmas time, and I am in need of a pick me up.  

Thank goodness for Valentine's Day, right?  That gives me a holiday to decorate for, but the thing is February is close to January, and January is when we do our big budget review.  I am still acutely aware of the dollar amount budgeted for decorating ($0), so I have to get creative with what I do.  I spent no money on decorations, and only used what I had.  

I am not gonna lie, I raided my daughter's school supplies and toys to find several items to brighten up the house.  Felt hearts with magnets on the back were one of these items.

A few more hearts up on the chicken wire frame, and some new photos were put up in the kitchen.

I had leftover fabric from a Valentine dress I made my daughter a few years ago, so that was turned into a pillow cover.  I also collected all my pink scrap material to make a heart pillow cover.

More leftover Valentine fabric from a dress.  If you need someone to help you determine how much fabric you need for a project, I am not your girl.  I never buy the right amount.  Do you have that problem, or is it just me?  

My daughter's room was the easiest to make look festive for Valentine's.  She had a quilt tucked away that I made her last year that is all pink and purple, so that was put on the bed, along with her bling'd out pillow that couldn't be more girlish if I tried.

Paper hearts made by my daughter were strung and hung in front of her door.

And finally, a new sensory box.  Rice colored various shades of pink, with wooden hearts, jewels, scoops, and containers.  I threw in some essential oils too, just to add a nice aroma to the box.  It is almost like playing at the beach in the sand on a sunny day.  Almost. 

This little sensory box keeps her entertained for a solid hour at a time, so I can work on my own projects (see the mess behind her?  That's my next project.)  Having fun things to do helps pass the cold winter days, as we wait for spring to arrive.

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