Children's Wicker Furniture Makeover: Phase 2

I left off last week with the furniture sprayed clean and the kids soaking wet :)  Now it was time to paint!  Of course, life got busy and the days that I had free were rainy.  I just want to keep it real--I only have two chairs done and the smallest table.  But I'm getting there!  Here's the progress so far.

I did two coats of white spray paint.  Nothing too fancy.  I just really wanted to try and make them look a little more updated and clean.

Then I decided to do a little color blocking and painted the bottom of the legs of the chairs and the table.  I taped off the legs and then grabbed some mostly empty cans of spray paint (I feel like I always have some around here from previous projects) and gave them a quick couple of coats. 

Now the kids have a place to relax and eat while they are outside.  And since they're eating out of doors, I have less mess to clean up this summer.  yay! 

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