Painting with Kids

This past week was my last week babysitting for the summer.  I decided to do some painting with the kiddos.  I think the end results look great, and it was a simple project to set up.

I used 6 inch vinyl letters, and put their names at the top of the canvas.
I picked 5 bright acrylic paints, covered the children in smocks and the table with a shower liner and the kiddos got to work.

Clay, who is 1, was not really interested in the project the day we worked on it, so I ended up painting his canvas teal, so his name would be visible in the finished product.  Then after some coaxing (and maybe a bribe of a marshmallow) he put a few yellow dots at the bottom to appease me.

I used a hair dryer to speed up the drying process, and after talking with the girls, we decided to add hand prints to the center of the canvas.  I grabbed the white paint, painted their hands, and pressed them in the center.  Then we carefully peeled the sticker letters off, and we were finished.

The whole project took about an hour to complete for all 3 children, and I really like the results.  The colors are really bright, and the handprints add a nice touch.

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