A Gallery Wall

It seems like everyone has a gallery wall these days.  It is no surprise...what's not to love?  Gallery walls are so versatile.  They can be the solution to an awkward space that you don't know how to decorate.  Have a strange collection of things that you love?  Create a gallery wall!  Not too long ago, people would line their family photos up on an end table or a dresser.  Now we throw them up on our walls to create our own little gallery.

Last week, I talked about adding origami butterflies to my daughter's gallery wall.  And so this week, I thought I would deconstruct what makes up her gallery wall and talk a little bit about how I "planned" it out.

I have three simple rules guidelines when I create a gallery wall.  I say guidelines because I don't think there are any real rules.  When decorating my home, I try to not get too caught up with rules but rather just do what I love.  It is, after all, My home.  All that really matters is that I love it and my family is comfortable.  So back to those guidelines.

1.  Start with one or two pieces that you love.
2.  Use the colors in those pieces to stick to a color theme.
3.  Don't just use photographs.  Add words and/or 3D objects to create a balance.

That's it!  I wasn't joking when I said they are really simple.  One other tip that I'd add is that I don't wait until I have all of my 'pieces' before starting.  I tend to add to my gallery wall bit by bit.  I just keep in mind to try and keep it balanced looking as I go.

And now here are the details on the items in my daughter's gallery wall.  

1.  A spray painted garage sale frame with this free print.
3.  My aunt gave me a few paper dolls.  Until my daughter gets a little bigger, I framed a few.
4.  My girl has two older brothers.  This is a favorite picture of her with the one closest in age to her.
5.  A friend of mine sent me this handmade card.  She drew a pencil sketch of a tulip fairy.  I loved it and so framed it.  
6.  This is a handkerchief that was in a pile of linens I bought at an auction.  I loved the colors and thought about making a pillow but framed it for the gallery wall instead.

1.  Magnetic board with bird magnets came from a garage sale.  Audrey Hepburn print from here.
2.  Cross stitch print from a garage sale.  I spray painted the matte and frame to fit with my color scheme.
3.  Tulip art from a craft show.  I think I paid $15 for it.  It is, by far, the most expensive item.
4.  Giraffe cross stitch from a garage sale.  This was the item I started with.
5.  Another paper doll.
6.  E is for Emily.  I bought a wooden E from the craft store and glued coffee filters to it.

Finally, these hang on a narrow wall between the gallery wall and a window.  I made them when I found out we were having a girl.  With fat quarters, mod podge and craft paint, I used this Martha Stewart tutorial.

And there you have it!  A glimpse into how I create a gallery wall.  
Do you have a gallery wall?  What are your tips?  Feel free to post pictures to our facebook page.  We'd love to see what you've done!

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