Butterfly Origami

I was "cleaning out" the bottom of my coffee table the other day and came across an art book called Paper Crafts and Origami.  I was flipping through the book and saw that there were instructions on how to make butterflies.  Well I just happen to know a little three year old girl who Loves butterflies so I decided to make some for her room and her ever-growing gallery wall.  I abandoned my cleaning and spent half an hour crafting.  I wish I could say this doesn't happen very often, but that would be a lie.  Oh well.  That is my life. 

1.  Cut the excess off of an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper so that you're left with an 8.5 x 8.5 square.  Cut the square in half.
2.  Start with a piece of rectangle that is about 4.25 x 8.5
3.  Fold a corner of the rectangle down towards the bottom center.
4.  Repeat for the other corner.  Press the folds down firmly.
5.  Flip the triangle over.
6.  Grab the outside corner of the triangle and fold it to the center.
7.  Repeat with the other side.
8.  Turn the paper over and lift up the top right flap.
9.  Lift up the top left flap.  You'll now have a diamond shape.
In the photo above, Picture 11 got placed before Picture 10Follow numerical order and do step 10 first.
10.  Fold the diamond in half by folding the top corner down to the bottom corner and make a crease.
11.  Open the diamond back up.
12.  Fold the top corner down to the half way point to the crease that you just made.
13.  Take the top corner and fold it down and under the top layer of paper and tuck it inside.
14.  You should now have a triangle like the one in this picture.
15.  If you hold the triangle up on its base, you'll notice a fold of paper that sticks out as shown by the arrow.
16.  Fold the piece of paper shown in step 15 under as shown by the arrow in photo 16.
17.  Repeat for the left side and your triangle will now look like the one in this photo.
18.  Now turn your triangle and crease it where the dotted lines are in this photo.
19.  Crease both sides as shown where the dotted lines are.
20.  Pinch together the part that was lifted up by the creases made in steps 18 and 19.
21.  Your butterfly is finished!
I added the butterflies to Em's gallery wall.  She oohed and ahhed so I know it was the right decision :)

I love inexpensive decor, don't you?  What little additions have you made to your home recently?  Or what tips do you have for me so that I stay on track with my cleaning??  :)

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