Let's Browse, Shall We?

I have a confession to make.  Rather than working on my son's first birthday party decorations I have been getting sucked into funny youtube videos.  I thought I would share some of my favorites with you.

First up, this adorable little baby....the sound of this baby laughing made my little guy bust into laughter as well, which had me rolling on the floor.

Anyone else love Ted Talks??  Apollo Robbins talks about misdirection and it is fascinating and fun to watch.

Then of course is Jimmy Fallon.  If you do not subscribe to him on youtube, you should.  I am always impressed with what he gets his guests to do.  

If you are in search of a great ab workout, look no further than this next video.  I actually have done the workout twice, and it is killer.  

This last one isn't a video, but you can listen to an interesting study that was done about introducing children to peanut products before the age of one.  You can find that here.

Have you watched any great videos this week?  Share them in the comments below or on Facebook.  I would love to see them.  

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