A Tribute to the Snowflake

It's about this time of year that we are all tired of the cold and winter in general, we long for warmth and being able to take the kids out for long walks/playground fun.  I'm not thrilled with the cold but maybe its time to take a look at the beauty in our own backyards.  My mom let me borrow a book recently on snowflakes and I was blown away at God's artistry.  If you get a chance take a look at this book The Snowflake Winter's Secret Beauty  by Kenneth Libbrecht.  The photographs by Patricia Rasmussen are just amazing!  Did you know that the typical snowflake measures 1-2 mm? The design that is wrapped up in these tiny packages are just gorgeous!  Next time it snows I am going to grab a piece of black cardboard along with a magnifying glass and the kiddos to investigate further these "miniature masterpieces of nature." 
Below is a simple craft to pay tribute to these crystals from the clouds.   

8-plain wooden clothespins
hot glue
paint or wood stain

Disassemble eight clothespins.  Line up the flat sides of two pieces and hot glue together.  Do this with all the pieces two at a time.  Now take the glued pieces and hot glue along the short angled end. You will start with an "x" shape and continue by hot gluing the remaining pieces into each corner. Wait for the hot glue to dry completely before painting.  It might even be better to paint your pieces before assembling.  If these instructions are confusing look at the picture, I do this often.  

Now decide how you wish to embellish and use them.  I chose to stain some of mine because it went so well with our Christmas tree decor this year.  We had burlap ribbon and silhouette ornaments of the kids on our tree.  

You could also leave them natural and choose not to paint them.  
I had some space on our entry wall that was driving me crazy since we had taken down the Christmas art.  I made use of the existing nails in the wall and hung the snowflakes at varying lengths on the wall.
I challenge you to take a look at the beauty that surrounds you today.  
I'll try myself to think of this quote next time I grumble that it's snowing....again and thank God for such beautiful gifts.
"How full of creative genius is the air in which these are generated!  I should hardly admire them more if real stars fell and lodged on my coat."-Henry David Thoreau

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