Organization vs. Letting Go

I really love alphabetizing my books, my movies, my cds....well anything that is able to be alphabetized.  I also really love to look at beauty in my home.  With three kids, it isn't always easy to have something beautiful and it is definitely difficult to keep things alphabetized.  The other challenge as a mom who likes to decorate is that I may not always have the funds to change my decor as often as I'd like.  One thing I've learned as a mom is to pick my battles.  So here are three pictures to illustrate what this looks like in my home.

I alphabetize our movies.  It makes me feel accomplished to have this done and the kid movies are below on separate shelves and they usually are quite messy.  I've learned to let this go.

Speaking of letting go--this is a picture of my kids' books.  I will occasionally straighten them out, but 99% of the time this is what it looks like.  Does it make my eye twitch?  Yes it does, but I've learned to just look the other way.  It isn't a battle I'm willing to fight.

And finally, these are my books.  They aren't alphabetized but they are grouped by color which makes me smile.  I love the simple beauty of it.  Would I love to have a room lined with perfect bookshelves that are filled with books?  Yes.  But I am content with this...even if I am testing out paint colors to put on the back of the shelves :)

So what do you organize and what battles do you choose to not fight?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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