Kinetic Sand

If you haven't heard of Kinetic Sand, you are missing out.  I purchased some from Michaels after seeing it in the store and my kids loved it.  At my next visit, I purchased a few more for some unique birthday gifts.  It is great for sensory play and the best part is that it has a pretty easy clean up and it doesn't dry out. 
My son chooses this option a lot during our school time when I am trying to teach our daughter and he wants to sit at the table with us.  He can use his play doh tools to work with it and he likes to try and build 'castles'. 
My daughter really enjoys playing with Kinetic Sand too.  It comes in a 1.5 lb box and it goes a long way.  You can now even buy it in different colors! I purchased mine at Michaels and HERE is the link.  If you are looking for a fun gift for your kids or for a unique birthday gift, I would totally recommend checking kinetic sand out as an option. If it isn't on sale, make sure you get a 40% coupon to make it a great deal.
Have you used Kinetic Sand? If so, what do you think?

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