I Spy Bag

If you are anything like us we have quite the array of random tiny toys around our house. You know the ones that end up in the middle of the floor that you step on at night and shriek in pain. Recently a few were donated for a local moms group and I thought it might be fun to make a sensory type toy for a couple of the kids classes.  
As you all know I am not the sewing savvy girl on this blog.  So this is a no-sew version of this toy. Gather your materials.  I used 2 large plastic baggies, scissors, fun patterned duck tape, and rice. Put the toys/small objects in the bag and double bag it making sure the product label is on the back of the bags.  Fill with rice. I learned my lesson, you don't want to fill with too much rice or there isn't enough room for the child to move the toys around and really search for them.  The next bag I will cut back on the rice. Then I cut the duck tape to wrap around the bag leaving a window to view and search.  Seems durable and can wipe clean which is a plus.
Parker is testing it out for me, unfortunately it did not keep his attention long probably due to the fact he was engaged in a Curious George episode.

I think these would be great for a road trip or a quiet activity while kids wait for food at a restaurant.

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