Frosted Stripes

The door at the back of our kitchen leads out to our back porch/mud room/laundry room.  This room is notorious for becoming a dumping ground.  Last week, I spent two days cleaning it up and right now it looks awesome.  I am a realist, though, and I know it won't stay perfect for forever.  So, what to do.  The door isn't solid and the top half has a window.  I don't like passing it and seeing all of our junk and it isn't the best view for our guests either.  I decided to take down my son's 5 year old art work (he is 8) and frost the glass.  

If you need a step by step, check out Young House Love's tutorial (that's what I followed).  It is really very easy to do.  I bought Gila Privacy Control Window Film along with Gila Applicator Spray from Lowe's.  It is around $20, but I've covered two windows with it and still have a lot left over.

I decided I wanted a fun pattern and so I chose to cut strips of various heights and place them at various widths.  I first cut out a large piece that would fit the entire window and then I cut my strips.

I started at the top with the tallest strip and put the smallest on the bottom and then filled in the center.  Looking at it, I wish that I had kept the spacing between the strips the same and only varied the heights of the strips.  I may rip the bottom three off and redo it.  But then again, I may not.  For now, I'm enjoying the look and glad that I'm not staring at an ugly back porch.

This little project took me about 30 minutes.  I thought it would be a lot longer process.  Don't you love when you get great results in a little amount of time?

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