Decorating for Fall with Kid Crafts

Oh Fall, how I love thee!!  Fall is such a beautiful time of year with the falling leaves, open windows, changing colors, pumpkins, hayrides and brisk mornings.  I recently decorated my home for fall and thought I would share a fun craft I did with my kids in celebration of the arrival of fall. 
You could use a piece of paper and frame it or a canvas.  I chose to do ours on canvas because I plan to keep these for years to come.  These crafts are some of my favorite and I want them to be keepsakes/memories. 
First, you need to trace their forarm and hand.  Then take some dark chocolate paint (I used acrylic) and paint the arm/hand.  If you have small children, this is probably a step you will want to do.  Let it dry completely before you move on to the next step.
After they are completely dry, you are ready to move on to the next step.  You will be using the kids' fingerprints as the leaves so choose paint colors that would resemble fall colors.  I chose orange, yellow and red.  For my two year old son, I helped him to make the leaves. 
My four year old daughter was good to go on her own and she enjoyed making the leaves.
Here are the finished products.  Super easy, cheap and fun.  I love how they turned out and couldn't wait to add them to my mantle with my other fall decorations.
Did I mention I love fall?! The changing of seasons is a gift.  Enjoy! 
What are some things you do with your kids to decorate for fall?

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