Fabric Duck Tape: Part 2

After searching every craft store and Walmart for this duck fabric tape I was discouraged to find the selections were quite slim.  Every store had the same 4 styles and so I decided to try making my own.  Amy had pinned a wonderful tutorial how to make your own.   First I used regular duct tape and stuck strips of it to wax paper.  Then I cut fabric to be the same length and width as the tape strips.  I then Mod Podged the fabric to the duct tape and put a generous coat of Mod Podge over the top of the fabric.  Pretty easy so far. I waited for it to dry and cut away the excess wax paper leaving pretty strips of fabric tape.  I thought about taping the fabric to a lamp shade as a nice decorative accent in our bed room.  However, when I went to take the tape off the wax paper it WOULD. NOT. UNSTICK..  So, while it looked pretty there is a reason the tutorial said they used masking tape.....not duct tape.  You have been warned and maybe I have learned my lesson on using the exact materials they call for in tutorials.  I hurried to find a plan B only two days before needing to post this exact blog entry because that is just how "on it" I am (haha).  

I don't enjoy my sewing machine much.  Usually I end up tangled in threads, frustrated, and dreaming of throwing the machine out the window so I was excited to find a no-sew coffee cozy idea on pinterest using fabric tape. You can find the tutorial here.  I substituted a little because I had no toss away cozy at home so I Googled coffee cozy pattern and printed one off. I also did not have elastic string so I just cut a hair tie in half and used it to wrap around the button.   

This project if done right the first time (I had to do it twice because I hot glued my button in the wrong place) only takes about 15 minutes, crazy, right?!

While I'm not crazy about the fabric pattern I am sure I can find someone who likes it and gift it.  It was such a simple project and would make a great Christmas gift for a friend or teacher.  What other things can you think of to do with fabric duck tape?

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  1. You are very dedicated :) And artistic, Bekah!


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