Fabric Tape Part 3

Our Mamas Together team is doing a four part series on the many uses of Fabric Tape.  I purchased mine from the craft department at Walmart and decided to make some fun DIY cards to send out for various occasions. 
I had some cards that I precut from card stock, some stamps I wanted to use and two different kinds of Duck Fabric Tape. Along with some scissors and ink for my stamps, I was good to go.
I measured out the fabric tape I wanted and then cut as needed.  I took the backing off and placed it on the cards.  Very simple.
Lastly, I put the stamp I wanted on each card and I was done.  I am pretty sure it took a simple 5 minutes and I made a total of 5 cards (only 4 are pictured). You could simply leave them blank without any writing on them and just the fabric or if you have beautiful handwriting or are creative you could add your own writing or even buttons to the cards. 
I was very happy with how they turned out and how easy they were.  Be on the lookout for the final part of our series coming up on Thursday from Rachel. Have you used Fabric Tape before and if so, what did you make with it?

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  1. I love cards and what a fun way to make homemade ones!!! Thanks for sharing, Lisa!


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