Fabric Tape

Our Mamas Together team is doing a 2 week series on Fabric Tape.  Ever heard of it?  We each purchased a roll (or made some), and will be showing what we used the tape for.

My ideas were less than original.  I look at those kinds of art supplies, and think 'ohh it's so pretty.'  Then, after I pick up a roll and get it home, I have no clue what to do with it.  

The tape worked well to organize my notebook.  It would have worked even better, if I had multiple colors.

My daughter and I also covered the outside of notebooks in the tape.  My daughter loved using the tape.  Like borderline obsessed about ways she could use the tape.  Honestly, she had way more ideas, and tricks for using the tape than I did.  After the notebooks were covered, she asked if she could use the rest of the tape.  Why not?

It took no time at all before she found, 'the perfect project' for the tape.  She spent a good 20 minutes covering the inside of a shoe box.  She is planning on turning it into a bed for her beloved bear named Starbucks.

Be sure to check back on Friday to see Part 2 of our Fabric Tape Series!

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