Fabric and Canvas.  I guess it isn't as catchy as Wine and Canvas (you've heard of that latest trend, right?).  Well it may not be the most popular thing right now, but it should be!  This is such an easy diy makeover and it takes 15 minutes at the most.

I had this canvas that my kids painted a few years ago and I'm kind of tired of it.  But I wasn't sure if I wanted to paint over their "masterpiece" just yet.
So I grabbed a stash of garage sale fabrics.  I was thinking of doing strips of different fabrics but then decided to just use the one navy piece.  It had the linear look that I was going for and it would simplify the project because I didn't have to pull out my sewing machine.  winning.
I then just, simply, wrapped the front of the canvas like a present and used tape on the back to make it stay in place.
I was going to hang it back up in the same spot where it was in my living room, but then I decided to put it up in my bedroom.  I am slowly adding art to the room.  I haven't actually hung anything up on the walls, but I have a little vignette going on the top of my dresser.  The dresser looked liked this for quite a long time with just my little tray on it.
And now it looks like this with layered art from ObviousState and Naptime Diaries and, of course, my fabric canvas.
So.  Have you wrapped a canvas in anything lately?  Or have you been to a wine and canvas event?  Please share!

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