15 A game for learning Addition Facts

We are all about games for school in this house.  

Seriously, we play games every single day.  Not your Monopoly and Candyland variety.  Math games for learning addition facts.  For us, this is where it's at.  Seriously, I love this.

My mom had this book chilling on a bookshelf for at least the last decade.  Not once did I pick it up, but daughter found it, and has thoroughly enjoyed flipping through the pages.  I finally took a look, and Oh My Goodness there are so many fun things in there.  This game was found in that book.  It is part of a 5 book series by Southwestern.  

And, here's the game rules:
A board (tic-tac-toe style, with numbers 1-9 in each box)
2 players
3 markers for each player
15 counters for newbie adders

Youngest player goes first, and lays a marker on any number of their choosing (optional: the child sets aside that number of counters).  Players continue to place markers until the sum of their numbers is 15.  Easy peasy.  Brilliantly simple.

You guys, can you see how awesome this game is?  The total can be switched to 21 (or whatever) when kids are ready.  And the game is simple enough that it can be done while out to dinner and waiting on food (or basically anywhere you can have a paper and pencil).

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