Workout for Kids and Adults

I am sure that many can relate that it is hard to get your exercise routine in while the kids are awake.  A dear friend of mine shared this website with me that had a fitness workout for adults and kids.  It is a 25 minute workout and I'm not going to lie, it definitely had my heart rate up after it was all over.  My four year old daughter lasted about half of the way through and then said she was tired and then took breaks off and on and my 2 year old lasted through the warm up and then he was off to do his own thing.  He would occasionally stop in to see what us girls were up to. 

I think we will definitely be looking into this during the upcoming winter months to get our blood flowing! I love that it takes some water breaks for the kids just to get them recharged and that it does the appropriate warm up and cool downs.

Click HERE for the website.  Enjoy and get moving!

Do you have any fun ideas to get your kids moving indoors?

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