DIY Elmer Glue Suncatchers

The kids and I decided to try a craft that I found on pinterest.  Last year, my daughter and I made a suncatcher out of translucent pony beads similar to what Amy posted HERE.  This take on suncatchers used items we had on hand which was even better! 

All you need is some plastic lids - I used two lids from quick oats containers, food coloring, toothpicks, and some white elmers glue.

First, you need to fill the plastic lid with the lip up with white Elmer's glue.  Next, take your food coloring and put 1-2 drops of each color in various areas of the circle. 

Next, take your toothpick and swirl the colors around.  Be mindful not to mix the colors too much or they will start to turn brown and it won't come out as well.

Then the wait begins. I thought that it might dry within a few hours. WRONG! It took a full 2 days before they were ready to pull out from the lid containers.  They were still a little wet around the edges but no worries because you need to cut the outside edge off anyways.

The final supplies you need are scissors to cut around the outside edges, ribbon or string to hang them, a hole punch and window suction cups.

The one on the right was mixed a little too much with the toothpick and thus the darker color.  Overall though they both turned out great and the kids loved seeing them hanging on the patio door.

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