The Bandana Bib

Bandana bibs seem to be popping up all over on my Pinterest feed lately, and for good reason.  
1) They are adorable.
2) They are easy to make.

Here is what I did to make my bib....
Step 1:  Find an old shirt my husband isn't wearing much these days.

Step 2:  Cut said shirt up.  For my bib I cut a 16 x 16 inch square right out of the back of the button up shirt.

Step 3:  Iron the square, and fold into a right triangle.
Step 4:  Sew around the 2 cut sides leaving a two-inch space to turn right side out.
Step 5:  Turn right side out, iron, and top stitch.

Step 6: About 4 inches from the end of the triangle (choose one of the acute sides, not the 90 degree side), sew two button holes.  I made mine in between 1/4 in and 1/2 inch.  I slide the other corner through both these button holes to help hold the bandana in place.  Make sure to not make the button holes too large, or the bandana may tighten too much around baby's neck.

Step 7:  On the other end of the bandana (the other acute side, again not the 90 degree corner) I pinched the material and sewed about 4 inches in from the tip.  This step is completely unnecessary but it helps keep the bandana from flattening out when baby is wearing it.  

Step 8:  Attach bandana bib to adorable baby.

Have you seen these bibs on Pinterest?  Have you tried making one yet?

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