Handprint Spring/Summer Craft

This past winter, the kids and I made a cute snowman picture of their feet as a fun keepsake.  I wanted to replace them for the spring/summer with something fun.  I decided to make a 'flower' out of their handprints. 

I used acrylic paint and painted a different color on each of their hands.  My daughter picked pink, which is her favorite color right now.  I chose orange for my son because he tells me everything is 'orange' right now.

I had them put their handprint on a piece of white cardstock so it would hold up better. 

I then added a simple green stem to each of them and let them dry.

Finally, I had two cute IKEA frames and I cut them both out to fit the frames and then took a black thin permanent marker and wrote their names, ages and dates in the corners.  A super fun, easy craft.  I love how it turned out! What are some fun craft ideas that you do with your kids of their handprints or footprints?

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