What's in Your Bag?

Chances are, if you have two X chromosomes, then you also tote around a bag everywhere you go.  From diaper bags to purses, we always seem to have a lot of stuff to carry around.  These bags hold our necessities while we are out of our houses.  

I am always nosey interested to see what other people feel they need to carry with them while running errands.  Do you carry everything for every situation?

The contents of my bag is constantly changing depending on what is going on our lives at the time.  With a 4 month old, my purse looks more like a diaper bag, than a purse.  Surprisingly, when I pulled out the camera to photograph what is currently in my bag I only had 1 item that was for my daughter.

Last year the contents of my bag looked like this.

Yep, folks I was carrying around a game of Blokus, snacks, and notepads for my daughter's entertainment.
Today, the contents looks a little different, but several things are still the same.
I still have a lot of snacks in there.  I have also switched my wallet to a wristlet that can hold my phone.  When I get the chance to run to the grocery store by myself, I usually just grab that instead of the gigantic purse filled with baby supplies.  I also have my Kindle nearby lately because this summer includes a lot of running around to activities for my daughter, so I catch up with my reading while waiting on swim lessons to finish up.  

Recently, I have started keeping our 'Ouch Spray' in my bag.  It is a cure all.  It is a glass spray bottle filled with water and a few essential oils to make it smell pretty.  Daughter fell on the play ground?  Daughter in a bad mood?  Daughter is bored?  Daughter doesn't want to wait in line?  Yep, it works for all of those.  

I shared what's in my bag, now it's your turn....What's in your bag?

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