Homemade Teacher Gift

It's the end of school, yay, and the time of year to show our appreciation for all the teachers have done for our kids.  In past years I have given lotion or coffee cards but this year I wanted to try a homemade gift.  I had seen a picture of the crayon wreathes on Pinterest so I decided to try it.
Materials I used:
12 inch embroidery hoop
9 inch embroidery hoop
crayola 64 count crayons
glue gun
scrapbook paper 
ribbon with alphabet print
small wooden plaque painted with chalkboard paint
Lay the 9 inch hoop inside the 12 inch hoop on your work-space.  Somewhere I read where you should line the crayons all out on your hoops to make sure the spacing works out but I had trouble doing this because the crayons wanted to fall off.  Therefore, I ended up gluing down each crayon one at a time with my glue gun.  I did have a little space issue when I got to the end of the circle but was able to cover it up with my ribbon and use the wooden plaque to hide any imperfections.  

I wanted to personalize the wreathe so I cut the letters out on my cricut and glued them on 1 1/2x1 1/2 inch white squares to make the letters pop.  I thought about adding an apple embellishment at the top right side of the wreathe but found it to look too busy, less was more in this case.  I liked more of the "Crayola" to show on the crayons. Then I made a bow with the ribbon at the top and a loop to finish.  I finished the above wreathe and made one for Mikah's teacher as well.

I got the thumbs up from my husband that it looked presentable so now I am hoping the teachers like them as well.  Have you made any homemade gifts for the educators in your kid's lives? Let us know what you did!  

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