DIY Beaded Ribbon Bookmarks

My daughter is really into chapter books right now and she is always asking for bookmarks to keep her place.  We have a lot of books that will require bookmarks for her read alouds for school next year so I was trying to think of a fun way to have her help me make some.   

 I found this idea on pinterest and decided to give it a try.  All we needed was beads, thin ribbon, and some scissors, which I had everything on hand.

I cut all of the ribbons varying lengths since all of our books are different sizes.  Then I did the first step, which was tying a knot at the top of the ribbon.  I had to tie at least 3-4 knots in each one.  The thinner ribbon I had to do more. 

Next, I had my daughter start to put the beads on the ribbon.  I told her to do 5 for each one.  We started with the thinner ribbon as those were easier for her to work with and then we went to the thicker ribbon once she had the process down and was confident in what she was doing.  This ended up working well as I had wanted to work with her on lacing beads this summer to work on fine motor skills so this craft ended up being a great fit.
After she was done lacing 5 beads on each ribbon, I tied another knot at the bottom of the beads and again had to do at least 3-4 to ensure the beads stayed on.  Now we were ready to test them out!

Our finished bookmarks in some of her books.  A simple craft for kiddos!

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