Wreath Transformation

I figured since it is officially spring it was time to take down those snowflakes on the front door. When I made the snowflakes on my cricut I had hot glued about 3 inches of pipe cleaner to the backside and twisted them to the wreath.  This way it was much easier to add/change the decor on my wreath to decorate for any holiday or season.  As you can see the sun has faded the gray color of the burlap from winter but it still works.
 Here is a tutorial on how to make a loop wreath.  I did not use the proper width of ribbon on mine so it isn't as full as it should be, but I don't mind. For my spring transformation I decided to make some fabric flowers in spring colors.  I used an old t-shirt that my husband didn't wear any more.  I used this great tutorial for the flowers. 
The blue-green flowers I made with the old t-shirt and cut six petals so they look a bit rag-style. For the cream color flowers I used a thin linen fabric and cut five petals.  It is fun to try different fabrics and see how the flowers vary. No flower will be exactly the same, just like snowflakes. The flowers are approximately 3 inches by 3 inches.
I hot-glued a clip to the back of each flower for easy removal later.  I could use them in my hair if I wanted or as a decoration for a handbag in the future. I had coral colored fake flowers leftover from my cousins wedding and stuck a few sprigs in the letter M.  We are all set for spring! 

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