DIY Photo Booth

I created a photo booth for a friend's 50th birthday party recently.  It was so much fun for all ages and this idea could be used for any kind of party (wedding reception, kids' birthdays, family reunions, etc).

I thought I would share what I used to set up the photo booth along with some variations that you could use.  The main thing to keep in mind is to just have FUN! :) 

Here are the main items you need for a successful photo booth: 

-a backdrop:  I used some graphic curtains from Ikea but you can keep it simple or go all out.  Anything from a large piece of material to wrapping paper, streamers, balloons, etc. will work.  Here is a whole pinterest board dedicated to ideas.

-table for props:  It is nice to have a spot where people can browse and choose a prop without having to dig through a box.
-props:  frames, hats, boas, signs, handmade props  Obviously, these are important.  Ask around and see what your friends might have that you can borrow for the occasion.  Scrounge through your kids' dress up clothes.  And go ahead and get creative and make some of your own that will be significant for the occasion.

-furniture: This is not a must have but it will add a touch of whimsy and interest to the pictures.  Old brightly colored chairs or even an interestingly shaped couch would do the trick.

-a sign for social media:  Post a sign by the photo booth (and even through out the party space) to let people know that they can post their photos with a specified hashtag.  This simple step will make it easy for everyone (and the guest of honor) to view all of the pictures taken.

-an "official" photographer: You may want to hire a professional to take photos but you can also just designate one person who has a nice camera to take pictures throughout the party.  Both of these are optional, because no matter what, people will have their phones out and will be snapping fun moments throughout the event.

Now just get people make sure to get people involved!  Once they do, it will be hard to get them to stop and the photos and laughs that are captured will be priceless!


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