Tutorial Successes

I tried a few online tutorials this past weekend and they all were a success.  This definitely does Not always happen.  I made a skirt and hair bow for my daughter for Easter.  I also made a delicious carrot cake.  I was so pleased with the results that I wanted to share the tutorials with you.  I sometimes see recipes or tutorials on pinterest that I think I might like to try and usually if a friend has done it and succeeded it makes me want to give it a try even more.  So I hope you will find these helpful :)

I made Emily's skirt following this tutorial.  The only step that I did differently was adding bias tape to the material as well as the tulle.  I like how it looks and also I didn't have to hem.  If you do this, you'll want to cut your material a bit shorter (since you don't have to allow for the hemming) so that the tulle is still able to stick out the bottom.

Next up is a hair bow that I made.

I've read a few blog tutorials and they all seemed very confusing.  A friend of mine sent me this video tutorial and it is so simple.

Finally, this carrot cake from the pioneer woman.  It is DELICIOUS.  And it is very very easy to make.  Her online recipe has you bake it in a sheet pan.  In her cookbook, she makes it in a bundt pan and so that's what I did.  I also pulverized the pecans.  I have a few picky eaters and they thought it was "so good mom!".  I think whatever way you make it will make you happy :)

What tutorials have you found to be successful?  Or are you old school and all of your creativeness comes from your head?  I am not that good, but that's ok with me! :)


  1. oooh, I love all of these projects!! I've yet to make a Pioneer Woman recipe that I don't just love! Tutorials are the only way I usually can figure anything out...rarely does anything come from my own mind...rarely!! Thanks for these tutorials, Rachel!!

    1. thanks Tracie! I agree. You really can't go wrong with a PW recipe :)


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