Sensory Dough

I have tried just about every Pinterest dough there is.
I can tell you that just about every time a pin claims 'Just 2 ingredients' one of those ingredients will be cornstarch.  This super fine powder can be mixed with any number of things for an unusual effect.  When mixed with water it is called "Non-newtonian" because it doesn't follow any of the normal laws of physics.  
The dough I made is no different.
I mixed cornstarch with hair conditioner.  
I read reviews of someone mixing cornstarch with shampoo, but I had way more conditioner on hand so I grabbed it instead.  There really isn't a recipe for this dough.  I just kept adding hair conditioner until it was holding together well.  If it is sticky, add more cornstarch.  Once I got the right mixture this dough was similar to play dough, only silkier.  

All the children enjoyed playing with it, and trying to mold it.  The dough is not like clay.  It doesn't hold its shape well, so poking it was a favorite activity.

We didn't use tools with this activity.  Just the dough was enough to keep them all entertained.  

I was a little concerned about the little guy in the picture above trying to eat it because he likes to taste the play dough we play with.  I was happily surprised that he didn't try eating it once.  The strong floral smell of the conditioner may have been a deterrent. 

I asked all the children if they enjoyed the new dough, and got a resounding yes.  I liked that it didn't crumble like play dough does, so a quick wipe of the counters was all that was needed to clean up the residue.  There wasn't any pieces on the floor to sweep up (hello, that's awesome).  
This dough does have its limitations though.  Since it doesn't hold its shape well it has a limit to what can be done with it.  
Do you try any of the Pinterest dough recipes?  What's your favorite?   

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