Birthday Books

In a desperate attempt to document my children as they grow I was finding myself overwhelmed by the massive amount of photographs we have taken.  The thought of backtracking to the very beginning of their existence at this season of our lives seemed like such a daunting task.  So I thought why not save all that for when they graduate and we really must have something to show. Maybe we will just burn all their photos on DVD and be done with it.  Regardless, we will have one thing to show for......their birthdays.  I love planning for birthdays and very much enjoy themed parties.  I let the boys choose what kind of party they want and we plan a craft, game, and cake to go with the theme.  All this is recorded in the birthday book.
I found snazzy scrapbooks from JoAnn's and added sticker letters to personalize each book.  I recommend the chipboard stickers as they are more sturdy. Many people think scrapbooking is expensive and it can be but here are a few tips to keep it cheap and still decorate with some pizzazz.

Don't forget the cake photos 

What I am most excited about adding to the books is a birthday interview.  From now on each year I will interview the same questions to be added to the book.  It will be fun to see if the answers change over time. Here are a few responses from my interview with Mikah:  What are you best at? "Breaking down sticks."  If you could change your name to anything what would it be?  "Mikah-so, like in Spanish" After asking all the questions listed in the interview he added a few of his own categories such as favorite plant: "rainbow flower" and favorite game: "snap the bunny" (not sure what this is and not sure I want to know how to play).  This kid cracks me up!  

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