Modular Star

Do you complete or attempt all the projects you pin on Pinterest?  Most of the time I use Pinterest as inspiration more than to copy the project.  This star is pretty awesome without altering it, and I finally got around to completing it.  It was one of the first pins I had when I started Pinterest two years ago.

I won't repeat the original posts directions.  She did a fabulous job explaining her work.  Today, I am sharing a few small tidbits that helped me along the way.  

First up for this project is to cut the material.  In the original post, that lucky lady had a fancy AccuQuilt Go! Machine.  I do not have such fancy things, so I need to cut the triangles with a rotary cutter.  Here is a great tutorial on getting those perfect 60 degree corners.
I would agree for the most part that although this project looks complicated, it is pretty simple to sew together the pyramids.

Once those little pyramids are made however, it gets trickier.  Once it is time to assemble those little pyramids into a star, it gets harder and harder the closer you get to to the end.  The layers seemed to get rather thick, and they are so small I had trouble using my sewing machine for last bit.  I ended up pulling out a needle and thread and hand sewing to save my sanity.

What do you think?  Do you finish all your Pinterest finds or are they more for inspiration?

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