Peach Cobbler

I had this delicious peach cobbler a couple of weeks ago.  I asked the lady who made it if she would share her recipe.  She gladly told me that she would and then started to tell me how she made it.  I told her, "Oh wait.  I need to write this down or I'll never remember."  Then she laughed and told me how it was made.  And then I laughed.

Because, I promise you, this is the easiest cobbler you ever will make.  And it is Delicious!

Ingredients:  1 quart of frozen peaches (or a couple of bags), 1 yellow cake mix, 1 stick of butter

Spray a baking dish and dump the peaches in.

Sprinkle the cake mix on top.

Put dabs of butter on top of the cake mix.

Bake at 400 degrees for about 50 minutes or until the cake is nice and crispy.
Enjoy with some ice cream on the side!

I love when I find a simple and yummy dessert!  Try this one--you won't regret it :)

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