Corners of Our Home

We rent our home and have been here 4 months, and the only thing I have put up on the walls are curtains.  Before we moved here, we had all of our belongings in storage for a year and a half while my husband did military training.  I have quite literally been dreaming of having a place of our own to decorate, and now here I am.  4 months and nothing on the walls.  I decided today was the day, and just went for it.  I started in my daughter's room, because it is my favorite in the house.  I asked my husband what theme her room was, and he responded with a puzzled look and one word.  Bright.  This girl has a rainbow of color in her room.  She is rather eclectic when it comes to fashion choices and room decor.  As far as she is concerned more is more, and there is no such thing as too many accessories or bling.

When I finally began hanging things, my daughter was elated.  She even gave me a hug and said, 'I love you so much!'  She couldn't wait to help choose what would go in her room.

One of the many things I love about her room, is that so many things are handmade by family.

The wall hooks have been with us for a long while and have been painted, and repainted.  It is at the perfect height for a 5 year old to reach to independently get her aprons.  See that adorable apron?  I am writing about that next week.
I traced my daughter's hand, cut it out and attached it to the fabric in the frame.  There is a framed piece of my daughter's artwork as well.  The chicken wire frame is low enough for my daughter to hang what she chooses to be important (photos of friends, weekly bible verse, etc).  The bunting at the top was made with scraps from the baskets on the bookshelf.  The wall decals are from Target.  The flower light is from Ikea, but they no longer carry them.

Turning to the other wall, we have a bookshelf made by my dad.  It is seriously heavy duty, and one of the heaviest things in our house.  Still, it has traveled with me to college, and every single time I have moved since I have been married (current tally is at 9).  The rainbow rug was made by me a few years ago.  It is made of old T-shirts I cut into strips and braided.

The top of the bookshelf is items that my daughter can't play with.  They are just for show.  Everything else is fair game.  The painting was done by my talented husband, and the bird houses were painted by my daughter and her great-grandmother.  

The top shelf holds our fancy tea set we made this past summer while living in Virginia.  I tweaked my reversible basket pattern by adding handles, and they are perfect for storing small finger puppets in one basket and our nature exploring items in the other.

The second shelf holds our Waldorf nesting toys made by my husband.  We have several plastic animals that my daughter likes to use with the nesting toys, and a woodland themed play mat that we put under the basket.

The bottom shelf has another reversible basket holding toys, and a wooden box that I think was supposed to be used for CDs.  However, for us it currently holds London, a doll made by my daughter's Great-great-grandmother. 

Our home is constantly evolving as I move a piece of furniture or hang a new photograph.  Does your home stay basically the same or are you always tweaking?

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