DIY Wallpaper

When you walk in my front door, the first thing you'll see is our stairs leading to the second floor.  I always had grand ideas of creating a really cool gallery wall going up those stairs.  Well ideas and real life don't always mesh.  I started with a picture of each of my kids and all three frames have been knocked off and I've cleaned up more glass than I care to think about.

Here is my wall without any frames and looking like it lacks something.

When I saw these gold dots on one of my favorite blogs the other day, I knew instantly that I wanted to try to do my own spin.  I, at first, thought that I would punch circles out of Christmas wrapping paper and let the kids stick the dots on the walls.  What better way to get a totally random and whimsical look, right?  Wrong.  Oh so wrong.  Instead, this is what I got.

Smiley faces.  Cute, but not the look I was going for.

Clusters of color.  Again, not really the look I was going for.

Much to the kids' disappointment, I decided this project was a one woman show.  The supplies I had on hand, and the process couldn't be more simple.

After punching out a pile of circles, I used my ruler to stagger them a foot apart on the wall.  I started in the upper left corner and just worked my way across the wall sticking them on with the sticky tack.  After a couple of rows were done, I just guesstimated the spacing and only used the ruler for weird corners/angles.

I am pretty excited with the result and the kids think that it looks like snow inside the house.  I may even keep them up past Christmas time--as long as the little fingers don't pick them all off of the wall.

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