Lighted Wreath

After all of us Mamas Together gals decided to have a wreath week, I hopped on Pinterest (of course) to get some inspiration.  The problem was that I really did not want to spend a ton of money on this project and everything I was finding would require me to purchase either a styrofoam wreath or straw wreath.  I decided to put off the project until I could find something that a) didn't need a frame to start with and b) I really liked.

After a few days, I was out perusing my garage while working on various projects.  And what did I find?  Chicken wire.  You know, from that time when I told my husband 'Of course I will use all 25 feet of this.  It's chicken wire. There has got to be a million things to do with it besides make these chicken wire frames.'  Ahem, it has been sitting for a long, long while.

Chicken wire is flexible, and it got me thinking about those wreaths.  Hmm....just maybe.  
I cut it.
I rolled it.
I tried shaping it.--And this is about the time that I realized chicken wire is not very easy to manipulate into a wreath.

It never really curved well enough for my ideas so I scrapped it.

A few more days later, I was in Walmart looking at styrofoam wreaths and straw wreaths debating what I should do, and what caught my eye?  Wire wreaths.  Cheap wire wreaths.  Hello solution to my dilemma! 

A little spray paint is all these gems needed.

Next, I used silver floral wire to attach the two large wreaths together. 

 I went all the way around the outside of the wreaths wrapping floral wire around.

Next, I added the one smaller frame to the center and using the floral wire attached it in at 4 points.

Then, I added the twinkle lights.  I made sure I left some slack at the bottom to plug it in.  I used a lot (200 lights or two strings of lights) and wrapped the lights around all three frames.

 All finished, now it's time to hang it and light it.

I am not going to lie, when I plugged it in my daughter and I both squealed and said, 'Ohhhh!  Pretty!'

I know it is not a typical decor item for a bedroom, but I think it is the perfect first piece for us to finally get up on the wall.

So, what do you think?  Does it look like Christmas in October?  Do you hang wreaths all over your home or just on the front door?

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