Pool Noodle Bunting Wreath

A common theme in my home: thrifty, handmade and reused. This project is all of those things. My youngest loves to eat anything foam and since summer is over, this $1.00 pool noodle was turned into something cute and personal. 

What you will need:
Pool Noodle
Fabric for Bunting and Wreath
Packing/Duct Tape

Start by taping the ends together. I would recommend taping it very well with more tape than I used. 

Cut the fabric for your wreath into 2 inch wide strips.

Pin in place. 

Wrap around, while overlapping your fabric. 

When you come to the end, pin your new strip of fabric over the end. Make sure you always end up at the "back" of your wreath, so there are no visible pins. 

Choose your coordinating fabric.

Measure your wreath from one end to the other. This will determine how long your bunting should be. I had 14 inches to work with. 

Pin in place.

Sew a straight line making sure to catch both layers.

Pin on the underside so it will not be visible as it hangs. 

Do the same to the other side. 

A trick I learned is to nail through both layers of ribbon centered on the top of your door. It will lay flush and won't be visible from the inside while the door is closed. 

While outside projects like siding and painting are pending, I will enjoy my little finishing touches. Your eye will be drawn there, right? 

What I love about this wreath? It's versatile. Change out the bunting, the fabric or just use it as a pool noodle again! 

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