Flowery Rusticy Centerpieces....for Any Occasion

Are you planning any parties this spring or summer?  Will it be outside?  Will it be inside?  Is it a birthday party or a Fourth of July party or an anniversary party?  Basically if you're going to have any sort of get together, I've got an easy centerpiece for you to throw together in less than 15 minutes.

Gather your supplies.  
Find an old shallow container (I used old pop crates) and a cluster of canning jars (or even glass mayonnaise or pickle jars will work).
Go to your local grocery and/or garden supply store.  Buy some inexpensive flower bouquets, hanging flower basket, or brightly colored annuals.  Make sure to check the clearance section.
Option 1:  Fill smaller jars with annuals and trimmings from a hanging basket.  This creates a lower centerpiece and after the event, you can plant the annuals in your yard.  Take your kids with you to the store...my daughter picked these flowers out because she liked the spiky look.
Option 2:  Separate and cut the bouquets down and put one or two flower blooms in each jar.  When picking out flowers at the store, look for colors that fit your theme or just grab whatever is on sale and mix and match.  Once they are all clustered together, it will look great.
Let us know if you try this centerpiece idea out and feel free to post your picture to our facebook page.  We'd love to see your take on it!

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