Fox Valentine

Woodland animals seem to be all the craze lately in the decorating world.  I have joined the craze with woodland animals as our decor choice for the toy room at home.  I even found some woodland animal stickers to add to some photos in said room. My kids make cute animals if I do say so myself.

When I volunteered to help with Mikah's Valentine party at school I was asked to plan a craft.  You could imagine my delight when I came across a cute fox valentine. It is simple and adorable.  All you need to make your own is some paper/card stock, glue, wiggle eyes, and an optional black pom pom. Here's what we did.  We cut out a large 8" heart from orange card stock.  Next we cut out a 4" heart from cream color card stock.  We used a polka dot pattern card stock to cut the tail. I think the polka dots give it some whimsy.  Add some triangle ears and two smaller triangles for the inside of the ears. Then cut another triangle for the tip of the tail.  We added a black pom pom for the nose but you could just use whatever you have on hand.  I think a black button would be cute.

If you really want your kids to get into this craft have the fox song playing in the background. You might just start a dance party.  Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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