DIY Pocket Scarf

I made a fun fleece scarf for my daughter a couple of years ago and wanted to make one for my son.  The one I made for my daughter was too girly, so I went searching on pinterest for ideas and found an idea HERE . I loved that it was simple and had built in pockets in it.  Let's face it, kids have a hard time keeping gloves on if you are out running errands. 
I purchased enough fleece to make 3 scarves as I wanted to make a couple for Christmas gifts also.  I was trying to find one with a fun boy pattern, but ended up just going with plain navy since it goes with everything.  I cut the scarves 9 inches wide and cut from the bottom to give myself as much length as possible and this way I didn't have to sew two pieces together. 
The tutorial above didn't mention to do this, but I added this step.  I folded under the two ends slightly and did a quick seam before I made the pockets.  You don't have to, but I just thought it looked nicer.
I then folded the fleece ends on each side up 5 inces and pinned them.  I sewed up only the two sides where the pockets are and that it is.  Since it is fleece material there is no need to sew any of the rest so make sure your cutting is clean.
You can make it shorter if you want, but I want this scarf to last a few years so we are going to use it as is.  My son is ready for cold weather and this year he will have warmer hands.

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