Super Hero Capes

2014 started off full of ambition.  I vowed to start home-made Christmas gifts early in the year.  I had seen tutorials on pinterest on how to sew super hero capes and thought they would make great gifts for all my nephews and even my own kids.  I said to myself...I could make one a month till Christmas and be done early. Oh how quickly life happened and motivation wore off!  Fast forward three weeks before Christmas and I was frantically sewing capes. Is this crazy?  Yes, probably  but they still managed to be completed with some help and simplification.  Plus, I got to spend some extra time with my Mom which was super fun!
Here is the tutorial I used to get the general idea. There are three things I modified from this tutorial. First, I used jersey fabric instead of satin.  The jersey had a good flow to it and was a little less flashy which was what I wanted.  Second, I did not put a lining on the capes (the less fabric to work with the better for me).  The third thing was, instead of doing tabs I did collars which proved to be the most challenging part of this project.  I had to have "Mom to the rescue" to help me figure out what I did wrong a few times when sewing the collars on.   
When it came to personalizing the capes I used my Cricut to cut the letters with the iron on adhesive which made things go so smoothly.  The lightening bolt was clip art made as big as could fit on an & 8 1/2x11 sheet of paper.  I really like how they turned out and the kids seemed to enjoy them as well. I highly recommend doing this project for all those super kids in your life!  Maybe 2015 will be my year to start things earlier.  

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