What to do with those Christmas Cards and Photos?

What do you do with all of your Christmas cards and photos?  Need an idea?  I have one for you!
I was lounging around on one of those "lazy post-Christmas every one is still on break I don't want to do anything but flip through the tv channels kind of days" when I saw this neat idea on a morning news show.  I decided that it was easy/doable/my kids would love it and it would be better than shoving all of the christmas cards and photos in a drawer like I did last year because I felt bad for throwing them away.

Christmas cards turn into tags for next year.  Draw some lines and cut.  Easy peasy.
Christmas photos become puzzles.   
Please do not be offended that I cut up your faces.  My kids loved this and talk about which family was easier to put back together.  I give you permission to cut up my family and put us back together again.
Hello Lisa and your beautiful family!
There were 3 different puzzles in the pile.  They were each finding their own pieces.

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