DIY Sentimental Ornaments

Each year, we have a tradition of adding an ornament to our Christmas tree that has sentimental value in our family.  Something we can look at and remind of us a wonderful memory from that year such as our wedding, pregnancy, birth of a child, pet or family vacation.  In 2014, we took a trip to Grand Haven, MI during the summer and while we were there, I checked various shops for an ornament to add to our tree, but struck out in finding one.  My kids loved searching for and finding shells on the beach and we had quite the collection along with a little sand we brought back with us in the kids' sand toys, so I decided to make our own to remember our vacation for years to come.
I purchased a ornament at JoAnn's fabric while it was on sale and pulled out our shells and sand from our trip.
Regular permanent marker would rub off, so I purchased a special painters pen from Walmart to write on the ornament.
On one side, I wrote Grand Haven, MI and on the opposite side I wrote 2014 for the year of our trip. I waited overnight to handle it to make sure it was completely dry.
My kids loved hanging the new ornament on our tree this past Christmas and it will be one we fondly look back on each year as we pull it out and remember our family vacation. 
What special things do you do to remember some of your most precious moments in your family?

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