Macaroni Art

Ok.  The title is a little misleading.  This should actually be called "fettuccine art".  Because that is what I used.  I was surfing pinterest/blogs and I came across an image and an idea that I wanted to try.  I decided to combine the two and put them on my ever-evolving chalkboard.

I used this tutorial and this image as inspiration.

Following the tutorial (but using what I had on hand), I cut out some feathers from a cereal box and glued on fettuccine pieces.

I then grabbed some purple, green and gold paint and slapped it on.
I wanted to use some fancy washi tape to put them up on the chalkboard but couldn't find it.  So I used some black electrical tape.  Nothing but the best in my craft room!  But I think it works.  I then drew the phrase "give thanks" on the board.  Finally, I asked my family to shout out what they were thankful for and I wrote the words up there, too.

It was a fast project and now I feel a bit festive for Thanksgiving.  Usually my favorite things don't take a lot of time.  And when thanksgiving is over, it won't take any time at all to erase this and make it festive for the next holiday.  What is after Thanksgiving anyway?  Can anyone remind me?  ha. ha.  :)

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