Displaying Your Child's Artwork

I love all of the fun crafts and pictures my little ones create and color, but displaying them can be a challenge.  After a few months of my refrigerator being overrun by pictures with them consistently falling off, I decided to come up with another option.  We have a long hallway that runs from our kitchen to our garage that is limited on ideas for décor.  It was the perfect place for my idea.  I purchased a vinyl quote on Etsy and placed it on the wall.  Below, I screwed in four screws and tied twine around each one and using clothespins, I proudly hang my children's most recent artwork. Another option would be to use the fun picture hangers from Ikea if you have one nearby.  I can look at it while cooking in the kitchen or my way out to the garage. 
My view--it is a beautiful one. :)
What are some fun ways you display your children's artwork?

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