Gourds Galore and More

I'm with Lisa, I love fall.  The cool brisk mornings/evenings, picking apples, making cider, camping, and going to pumpkin patches are among my favorite things this season.  I just did some decorating in my house as well to coordinate with this time of year.    
My parents had some birds plant some wonderful little gourds in areas around their house.  I was able to snatch quite a few out of a bucket full they had in the garage.  My decoration is fairly simple.  I just spray paint the gourds white.  That sounds simple enough right?  Well, either my spray painting technique needs some work or I used the wrong kind of paint because I tried painting it 3 times and it just peeled right of them!  I also thought I would make stencils from my cricut to spell the word 'fall' but using those also chipped the paint.  The fourth time painting was a charm and then I ended up hot gluing the word on. Looking back I think a bronze or gold would have been better than the white paint.  Maybe next time. Exhibit A.
With the remaining gourds I made a centerpiece.  Super simple here kids.  I had a drink dispenser that leaked beverages all over my counter.  I just took the nozzle out and filled the container with gourds. In my mind I thought clear Christmas lights with the gourds would be smashing, turns out it looked better in my mind so I ended up taking them out but didn't snap a pic without.  I thought about adding flowers to the top.  What do you think, yes or no?  Exhibit B.

Pinterest has so many great ideas for decorating pumpkins and I wanted to try one where you paint it white and wrap it with some black lace but it ended up being monogrammed instead.  Maybe I will still try this someday but something in the instructions about running stitches and a spoke pattern had me confused. Exhibit C.
My kids love the movie Despicable Me and there are some cute pumpkins someone made into minions. I'd like to try this but should probably figure out what kind of paint they used first.
As you may have learned many of our projects don't exactly turn out the way we think they should or how we see them in the picture (or in our minds) but it's all about having fun creating something, right? Grab a cup of cider and get crafty. Happy Fall Y'all!

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