Sidewalk Chalk

I have seen many recipes for homemade sidewalk chalk floating around pinterest so we gave it a try.  This project takes less than fifteen minutes to make, fun and easy.  
Here was the recipe we chose:
1/4 cup warm water
1/2 cup plaster of paris
3 Tbs tempera paint
silicone mold (could use a candy mold or maybe a jello mold too)
I am not sure the cost savings by making our own but we made four batches and filled a silicone muffin pan. We still have leftover plaster and paint so we could make more.

Mix all ingredients together till it looks like a paste or icing. My green was thin so I am interested to see how well it turns out.  I recommend doing this outdoors because it can get a little messy.  Especially if your child is mixing the paint with one hand and trying to eat an ice cream sandwich with the other.  Each batch filled three circles in my pan.
Now let it sit and dry for 24 hours. One can never be too careful when making sidewalk chalk, never know when the experiment might go awry. 


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