Giant Bubbles

Warning:  This project will lure spectators.  Be prepared for crowds of people or random stops from cars driving by.  
My husband is known around our house as the bubble man.  He loves bubbles and is generally playing with bubbles way after my kids interest has faded.  I must admit these bubbles held my attention for quite some time as well.  I got really caught up in technique and trying to make the next bubble larger than the last, seeing how long they flew before they popped.  Yes we are kids at heart.  

The recipe for these beautiful flying creations is pretty simple.  
6 cups distilled water
1 Tbsp Glycerin
1 cup of regular Dawn Dish Soap
There are many recipes we have tried in the past but this one is the most cost friendly and works well with the home made bubble wands.  If you want to be a professional they sell large plastic bubble wands HERE. We have purchased this in the past and it works well but we observed the bubbles can be much larger with the home made version.    
So here's what you need for the wands:
two 7/16"x48" dowel rods
screw in eye hooks for the end of the dowel rods
braided cotton rope (nylon rope works well too but the cotton is a lighter weight so it's easier for small kids to handle)
If you can't find a cotton rope you can disassemble a mop head. Cut one cotton rope 48" and cut another 96"  Screw the eye hooks onto the ends of the rods.  Now take the smaller rope and tie to the ends on the hooks.  Do the same with the longer length of rope. Here's what it looks like when it's all done.  

Mix the bubble solution in a large bucket and let it sit overnight.  It is important to let it marinade overnight. Dip wand into solution and let the fun begin!  It takes some practice and priming of the rope before you get the hang of it but it's so worth the wait.  

An added bonus- you just have to rinse the kids off with the hose and call the bath done because they are sure to be covered in suds after popping these massive bubbles!

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